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Digital restaurant menu boards

Offer tastebuds tempting dishes to your customers

Repeat Signage software promotes coffee shop menus

Repeat Signage Standard edition software displaying a playlist of images and easily changed menu spreadsheet

Digital menu displays makes food look appealing

A digital menu board, over the counter or in coffee shop seating areas, allow your customers to choose refreshments, whilst a playlist of tastebud tempting images makes dishes more appealing.

Repeat Signage has an in-built spreadsheet for you to easily change your menu items, or you can display a Windows Excel spreadsheet, updating content via a local network or remotely over the Internet.

You can schedule your menus to display at various times of the day for lunch, dinner or promote your special dishes.

Advantages of digital menu boards

Many restaurants are moving away from printed signs in favour of digital display screens. Even when you only want to display a simple list of drinks, sandwiches and snacks, it is easy to make changes to menus and prices, without having to reprint traditional poster notice boards.

Repeat Signage allows you to design your presentations in your corporate colours to match your restaurant's decor, and is ideal for displaying on both landscapes or portrait display screens. Please contact us if we can help you.

Repeat Signage for hotel weddings

Repeat Signage software is easy to use and you create a presentation in minutes. Free trial download.

Digital signage promotes hotel services

Repeat Signage software lets you schedule different presentations to be shown at various times of the day or week. See YOWI Deli case study.

HD images and videos makes food look appetizing

When YOWI Deli set up their quick service food outlet in a Singapore food court, they envisaged the menu would keep evolving as they discovered what customers liked.

Repeat Signage Media Wall edition allows presentations to be displayed on 2, 3 or 4 screens, connected to one Windows PC, either playing the same or different content on each screen.

Popular for over the counter displays, are four horizontal screens side-by-side, creating a digital menu board.

"I am able to automatically switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus using the built-in playlist feature so I don't have to worry about manually switching them on time. Repeat Signage has been a real help in saving me time and money while helping to attract more customers to my store. Thanks Repeat Software!"
Repeat Signage digital signage software for Windows

Repeat Signage Media Wall digital signage software displays healthy and nutritious menus at London's Tooley Street, Velo Restaurant.

Digital signage restaurant menu boards can display nutritional information to customers, along with pictures and information on where product is sourced from, for example, locally grown organic vegetables in all vegetarian meals.

At Velo Restaurant, they serve up healthy and tasty Vietnamese foods, with digital menus created with Repeat Signage Media Wall edition. Velo is still successfully using Repeat Signage daily after 6 years, without any on-going costs.

Download a Repeat Signage trial onto a Windows PC, insert your logo, pictures, text, real-time, date, documents, QR codes and other media, to promote your restaurant and quick service food outlets.