Sample template: PowerPoint Medical 01





Example of a presentation for a hospital waiting room.  It is designed in portrait rather than landscape orientation as when displayed on a plasma/LCD screen that has been mounted on it's side.  The top half of the screen is displaying the current waiting time.  The '45 minutes' is text that is from a text label hosted on a free account and can be changed by a member of the hospital's staff which then updates the screen.  In the middle of the screen is an RSS feed of hospital news and the bottom shows a slide show with text of current hospital information.  The bottom area is showing information using a Flash banner control.


- Day and date - The top right corner of the presentation has '05 October 2012' and '02:01PM'.  These are Clock (text based) or date controls which automatically updateyou cam themselves.  This control can be formatted as required by double clicking it in the editor.  For example, you could add the day of the week and change the time AM/PM format to a 24 hour clock format.

- Text label control showing '45 minutes' - This text is taken from a text label hosted on a free account:

which means that when the hospital reception staff want to change the waiting time on the screen, they just log onto this account and update the text.  The presentation is monitoring this Internet based text file for changes every 5 minutes (we can set this checking period in the presentation).  As soon as the presentation detects a change then it downloads the new version of the file and displays it.

- RSS feed control - This displays news items from, which is a free service to Repeat Signage users that allows RSS news feeds to be created and maintained. In this presentation, is displayed which is just a sample RSS feed. Your organisation can go and create a free account to create and publish it's own RSS feeds for use in Repeat Signage presentations.

- Flash banner control - The Flash banner control is used to display images from the hospital with text captions. 

Using the templates in Repeat Signage


To access templates in Repeat Signage, then open the main Repeat Signage screen and then click on 'Presentations' and 'Create presentation'.   The template wizard will then be displayed and you will be able to choose from a list of templates.


If you are using a version of Repeat Signage below 2015, then please install the free upgrade to Repeat Signage 2015 from the downloads page. 

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