Sample template: Medical 02




This demonstrates how to play a sound when the contents of a control changes.  In the image above the white 'NEXT PATIENT CALL' area with the text 'Mr Joe Bloggs' and 'Dr Nadeer's office' is collected from a Rich Text File (RTF) in the same folder as the presentation called PatientCallScreen1RTF.rtf.  When this file is changed it is automatically reloaded to update the screen with the next patient's name and an audio file is played to alert patients in the waiting room.  The idea behind file monitoring is that this information can either be changed manually by someone typing in new text to the PatientCallScreen1RTF.rtf file and saving, or you can get other custom software systems to generate this file programmatically when the dentist/doctor is ready.


- RTF file control - Monitors a file called PatientCallScreen1RTF.rtf in the same folder as the presentation.  This plays a Windows .wav sound whenever the file changes.

- The main picture area is a standard Picture control set to play 1 of 4 different pictures every 5 seconds.  These pictures have been edited and text manually added to these.

- The circular clock is one of the Flash clock control designs.

- The bottom of the presentation is a Flash RSS control displaying a new feed from the BBC website.

Using the templates in Repeat Signage


To access templates in Repeat Signage, then open the main Repeat Signage screen and then click on 'Presentations' and 'Create presentation'.   The template wizard will then be displayed and you will be able to choose from a list of templates.


If you are using a version of Repeat Signage below 2015, then please install the free upgrade to Repeat Signage 2015 from the downloads page. 

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