Sample template: Schools 01





This sample shows a possible usage for use in a school.  The playing presentation can be updated at any time over the school's network.


- Day and date - For example "Tuesday 26 June 2012" - This automatically updates itself.

- Flash clock control - This displays a classic clock which shows the current time.

- Dates for your diary - This is taken from an rich text file, SchoolDiaryDates43.rtf, which is in the same folder as the presentation. This can be edited with Windows WordPad and as soon as this is saved the presentation automatically displays the new version. This updating can be done from anywhere on the schools network (subject to permissions).

- Pictures - This is a play list of 6 picture files which are stored in a Pictures subfolder off the same folder as the presentation. Each picture displays for 3 seconds.

- Today's lunchtime menu - This displays a different rich text file depending on the current day of the week. For example, on Tuesday the file LunchMenuTuesday43.rtf (in the same folder as the presentation) is displayed. If LunchMenuTuesday43.rtf is updated then the presentation displays the new contents as soon as it saved.

- RSS feed control - This displays news items from, which is a free service to Repeat Signage users that allows RSS news feeds to be created and maintained. In this presentation, is displayed which is just a sample. Your organisation can go and create a free account to create and publish it's own RSS feeds for use in Repeat Signage presentations.

All other page text and the top left corner picture is static, i.e. it doesn't change dynamically. These can be changed at any time by editing and saving the presentation. The presentation itself can also be changed over a network and when saved the Repeat Signage will automatically reload the new version.

Using the templates in Repeat Signage


To access templates in Repeat Signage, then open the main Repeat Signage screen and then click on 'Presentations' and 'Create presentation'.   The template wizard will then be displayed and you will be able to choose from a list of templates.


If you are using a version of Repeat Signage below 2015, then please install the free upgrade to Repeat Signage 2015 from the downloads page. 

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