Sample template: Shops01





This is an example of a presentation used to advertise a local shop.  It is very simple in design and features the shop details including the address plus has a Flash banner control displaying several images of the clothes the shop sells.

A note on designs - Non-widescreen presentations are almost square in shape as opposed to widescreen which are wide and rectangular.  The space available to place pictures, text, etc is therefore different.  The two images below show slightly different designs.  The non-widescreen was created first and then copied and amended to be the widescreen version.  It didn't look quite right stretched out so much so the design was altered slightly.

Widescreen version of presentation

Non-widescreen version of presentation - slightly different design


- Flash banner control - The middle left part of the presentation (see images above) is a Flash banner control used to show pictures of clothes.  There are 50 different transitions available with this control but we are just using 4 of the different transition effects. We have not added any text over the images, but this is an option with this control.

- Picture control - This is just displaying a static picture that doesn't move or change whilst the presentation is playing.  It is using the crop feature of the Picture control set to 'AUTOCROP CENTRE' so that the image does appear stretched if the original image is not the same shape at the picture control displaying it.  In this case the picture control is tall and thin and the original picture was non-widescreen 4:3 and almost square.

- Shape controls - All the pink and grey coloured rectangles are created using the Shape control.  You can right mouse click controls on screen and use 'Send-to-back', 'Bring-to-front', etc.,  to position rectangles behind text and pictures in order to give either a border or a backdrop.  The Flash banner control on the middle left of the above pictures has a grey border which is a slightly larger shape control sitting behind it.

- Text label controls - All the text on screen is created with the basic Text label control.  One feature of this is that you can specify fore and background colours.  All the Text label controls that are sat on top of the grey Shape controls have had their background colour set to the same grey, and the same goes with the pink shapes and text.

Using the templates in Repeat Signage


To access templates in Repeat Signage, then open the main Repeat Signage screen and then click on 'Presentations' and 'Create presentation'.   The template wizard will then be displayed and you will be able to choose from a list of templates.


If you are using a version of Repeat Signage below 2015, then please install the free upgrade to Repeat Signage 2015 from the downloads page. 

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