Repeat Digitial Signage in the UK

Repeat Signage is a UK based company and our strongest client base is still in the UK.   We started with the education market and Repeat Signage is installed in schools and colleges across the UK.   Repeat Signage is now used by many businesses, estate agents, power stations, shopping centres, NHS hospitals, councils and government departments.  


Repeat Signage is used in several Welsh NHS hospitals with our Media Wall edition being used to display status information over 4 screens in controls rooms.  Repeat Signage is also used in power stations with our 4 screen media wall edition also displaying status information.


We have also created a special version of Repeat Signage for UK Estate Agents.

Success stories

Pricing in British pounds

Single full version licences (digital download)
Repeat Signage V4 Standalone Edition
Standalone system with basic features.
Repeat Signage V4 Standard Edition
Remote and network updatable system with most used features.  Most customer choose Standard.
Repeat Signage V4 Corporate Edition
Remote and network updatable system, all features, plus displaying database information.
Repeat Signage V4 Content Edition
Standard edition plus professionally designed template and 5 adverts.
Repeat Signage V4 Media Wall Edition
4 monitor support.  Create media and video walls.  All features, database support.
Repeat Signage V4 for UK Estate Agents
Standard edition with additional controls for displaying Rightmove and Expert Agent feeds.