Engage and inform passengers with up-to-date travel news

Windows-based, Repeat Signage digital signage software keeps both passengers and drivers updated with content, updates, notices and travel information for airport, rail and coach travel.

"I can’t tell you how happy we have been with the product. It has been working 24 hours a day for over 6 years now and has not missed a beat. Stay safe and thanks again for an amazing product." Justin McNaughton, Information Technology Specialist, Harrisburg International Airport, Central Pennsylvania


Repeat Signage at HIA shuttle bus stops

Harrisburg International Airport

At HIA they integrate real-time shuttle bus information within a Repeat Signage software presentation, comprising of a banner, time and date and an RSS news feed to keep waiting passengers updated. They were able to add text overlays to the map showing people where they are and where their long term parking is. Harrisburg International Airport

Repeat Signage updates drivers at their Adelaide depot

Adelaide drivers depot

Around Australia in the Locomotive Drivers Depots at Pacific National, to keep the staff up to date with business and safety had been a challenge. The Adelaide Drivers Depot has been using Repeat Signage with very good results. "Having the ability to have changing scenarios, updating remotely, has been excellent". Pacific National, Adelaide depot.

Digital signage at Kangaroo Bus Lines

Updating bus drivers

At Kangaroo Bus Lines, they use Repeat Signage software o remind drivers of where first aid is and fire and emergency evacuation procedures. "This is the tip of the ice berg for us. The company is very happy with this program." Kangaroo Bus Lines.

Repeat Signage digital signage software

Windows-based, Repeat Signage software is extremely flexible and allows the playing of notices, PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets (has an in-built spreadsheet grid), icons, animated gifs, videos, audio in addition to pictures, text, date, time and RSS feeds. This makes it ideal for the displaying on screen, a wide variety of digital information for both passengers and drivers in the transportation and travel industry. User-friendly, download Repeat Signage onto your Windows computer to create a presentation using drag and drop, and have it playing in minutes.

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