Display Live eBay Auctions

Repeat Signage on display screens encourages bids even when store is closed

Repeat Signage software has an easy-to-use eBay auction template

Repeat Signage is Windows-based, easy-to-use digital signage software that lets you display your live eBay auctions on display screens.

You often see properties for sale displayed this way in an estate agent / realtors windows. Repeat Signage can do the same job with eBay auctions instead, making it ideal for charity shops, book shops, comic shops, second hand stores, etc, who also sells their goods on eBay and want to display and advertise their online auctions in their shop windows.

Repeat Signage software display eBay auctions

Your eBay auctions display one after the other in easy-to-use customised template

Repeat Signage eBay Connection Manager

 Login to your eBay auction account with Repeat Signage eBay Connection Manager.

Repeat Signage eBay Connection Manager

To make it easy for you to display your eBay auctions, Repeat Signage software includes an eBay Connection Manager wizard and eBay auction template.

The eBay Connection Manager requires you to log into eBay and authorise Repeat Signage to access your eBay account. Repeat Signage does NOT store your password, but collects a token with which to access your eBay account.  Repeat Signage does not add, change or delete eBay auctions on your account.  It simply reads information and downloads this to a local database and along with the pictures for each auction to the Repeat Signage system cache.  You can use the eBay Connection Manager to set up connections to one or more eBay account.

Customise and filter your eBay auctions

Once you have connected to your eBay account (and Repeat Signage doesn't see nor save your details as you login directly to eBay), you can view all the auctions on your account with a preview picture next to each.

You can then create a new digital signage presentation by selecting the eBay auction template which will create a presentation based on this information.

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Repeat Signage view eBay listings screen

Customise your auction template, choose which text to display, currency, etc.

Selecting the Repeat Signage eBay auctions template

 Create a digital signage presentation for your eBay auctions with our auction template .

Easy to use auction template wizard

When the presentation loads, you can customise the auction template, for example, choosing which text to display, auction ends date and currency, etc.  You can also add an SQL statement or use the SQL wizard. The auction template can be further customised with your logo, information and even set up a QR code to your eBay shop or website so that people can scan your screen with their smart phone.

On our template for eBay auctions, you will see the Right Now on eBay™ logo displayed. You will want the people viewing your screen to know that they are looking at eBay auctions, which is the point of displaying them, so displaying the eBay logo makes complete sense.  Logos in other languages are also available.

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Even if you don't use eBay auctions you can still create simple digital signage content for your display screen, to promote your products, appeal for donations of specific items and promote upcoming events. Presentations can be updated remotely, ideal for charity shop headquarters, who wish to display information to their shops across the country.

Showcase your products and store with digital signage

Repeat Signage software lets you easily insert a variety of digital media including playlists of images, video, RSS feeds, documents, real-time and date, etc, using drag and drop and moving around the screen to create engaging presentations.

The Corporate edition also allows you to run SQL queries and display images and text from a database. Repeat Signage is also ideal for bookshops, newsagents and second hand shops, promoting their products and events on shop display screens or projected onto shop windows.

Repeat Signage software

Repeat Signage software for book shops

Display your charity shop items for sale on your display screen with Repeat Signage.