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Repeat Signage digital signage software


Repeat Signage allows you to quickly produce professional quality digital signage presentations and play it on a variety of displays including LCD monitors, large format display screens and projectors. 

Traditional printed posters, that you see pinned to walls everyday, are made up of text, pictures and shapes.  Repeat Signage presentations can be thought of as digital posters.  Instead of printed text, you can have text that scrolls, or displays different text every few seconds, or even flashing on and off screen to catch the eye of passers by.  You can have same ability with pictures and shapes.  You can also add text or round clocks, play audio and video files, show webcam images, display news from Internet RSS feeds and display live Internet websites.

The Repeat Signage starting point is to create a presentation, which is effectively a digital poster.  You can then play that poster full screen to your audience. 

Repeat Signage sample digital signage presentation
The picture above shows one of our sample presentations.


With the Standard and above editions, you can also create play lists to schedule your presentations to play at different times and dates.  The Corporate edition allows the display of information from databases in addition to the Standard features.  The Media Wall edition has the same features as the Corporate plus the ability to display same or different content on a 2, 3 or 4-screen video wall.


Repeat Signage V5 now allows you to display your eBay auctions on screen.   See eBay Auctions in Repeat Signage BETA for more information.

Getting started


We have provided a large number of free training videos online that will visually show you how to use Repeat Signage and get you up and running as quickly as possible.  These are available at:


Create, edit and play presentations Repeat Signage V5 walk-through screenshots


Learn how create, edit and play presentations MP4 Video (06:34 mins/secs)



There is also a basic tutorial inside this help file:


Creating your first presentation


Playing your first presentation


Playing your first presentation when Windows starts


Creating your first play list


Playing your first play list


Playing your first play list when Windows starts


Types of controls that can be inserted into presentations


Repeat Signage currently supports the following types of controls that can be inserted into presentations:


Animated gif control


Audio control


Banner control (pictures or pictures with text)


Barcode and QR code control


Clock (text based) or date control


Clock (digital and round clocks)


Controller control (Standard and above editions only)


Data grid control (Corporate and Media Wall only)


PDF/Document/PowerPoint control


Picture control (single picture)


PowerPoint presentation scheduler control  (Standard and above editions only)


RSS reader control


RTF document control 


Shape control


Spreadsheet control (or create grid)


Text label control


Text block control 


Video control 


Web browser (and web widgets) control


Webcam control  (Standard and above editions only)


System requirements


See our System Requirements page.