Repeat Signage Software Distributors

If you resell IT/AV equipment, you will be able to buy through one of these distributors:

Repeat Signage USA Repeat Signage UK Repeat Signage Canada Repeat Signage Ireland Repeat Signage Australia Repeat Signage South Africa Repeat Signage Malayasia Repeat Signage in daily use in 31 countries


Edis Audio Visual

Edis manufacture a Windows digital signage media player and Ultra Mini USB PC


AVA Systems Ltd
Sligo, Ireland

Audio visual supply, installation and acoustics engineers


QBS Software Ltd
Wembley, Middlesex, UK

Software distributors

Repeat Signage testimonials

"We were searching for a software enabling us to make presentations on an infoboard of Producing Assets department. After some trials we concluded that Repeat Signage satisfied all our requirements, i.e. daily and weekly scheduled presentations of KPI's, production figures, operational animations, general information from the department, intranet etc. I am impressed with the system which has been very reliable and is flexible and easy to operate. I would certainly recommend Repeat Signage to anybody that is in need of such a tool".  IT Department, DONG Energy, Norway.

"The choice of being able to update your presentations from a local network (shared drive), from your website or remotely over the Internet at without any ongoing costs, coupled with easy to use controls and competitive pricing, makes Repeat Signage 'one hell of a package". AVA Systems, Repeat Signage distributor in Sligo, Ireland.

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