Repeat Signage Free trial download

Create a presentation in minutes - no expiry date - no details needed

Anyone with good computer skills should be able to create a basic presentation and have it playing in around 20 minutes.

You can play your presentation on screen for 10 minutes before a ghosted 'trial edition' message appears.


Trusted Site - Certified Secure

To download to a Windows computer, please click the download link below and it asks if you want to save the file.
Click Save File, and after a few seconds this downloads into your Windows download folder.
Click the Repeat Signage V5 setup file to run the application and follow the onscreen instructions. 
It automatically adds a shortcut logo on your computer desktop.

Repeat Signage - flexible digital signage software

Repeat Signage V5.1.2 (File size 255.4Mb)

V5 is Version 5 of the software

Both the trial and full versions of Repeat Signage have the same set up program which can be downloaded above.
When you purchase Repeat Signage, a serial number is issued that allows you to unlock the full version on your computer. Online or manual activation is required.

Please visit the Buy page to purchase

Windows 10 and 11 - Installation and getting started

-   Download Repeat Signage using the button above. Just run the installation program after downloading:

-   From the Main Welcome screen, select either Standalone, Standard, Corporate or Media Wall trial edition. 
    Standalone is for non-internet use; Standard is the edition most customers use; Corporate and Media Wall allow you to query SQL and display database data.

-   From the Welcome screen, select Presentations - Create New Presentation - Click Next 

-   Choose a template, e.g. education, corporate, etc., or choose a blank template, select Create

-   From the blank designer screen, select Insert from the toolbox to bring in pictures, text, real-time, RSS feeds, etc.
    You can resize and move them around the screen to create your presentation.

-   Save and Exit. From the main screen, select Play Presentation.  This will play for 10 minutes before the 'trial edition' message appears, giving you time to evaluate the software.

PLEASE NOTE - Repeat Signage V5 (Version 5) only supports Windows 10 and 11. 


Online training videos to get you started

We provide you with free online training videos to get you started. 

Image above courtesy of Sharp NEC Displays.

Previous versions of Repeat Signage

Repeat Signage V4 users, the last Repeat Signage V4 version (V4.0.55) is downloadable below:

For Repeat Signage 2010-2015 users then please download the last Repeat Signage 2015 version (V3.4.31) from: