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Repeat Signage digital signage software. Simple enough for school children to use. Powerful for professionals. Trusted by clients in 31 countries.

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Repeat Signage new design website

Repeat Software launches new design website – Picture courtesy of Caxton Publishers

The company, who developed Repeat Signage digital signage software from their Lincolnshire office in 2009, works with reseller partners in Ireland, Sweden, Australia and Malaysia, and are looking to work with additional resellers from around the globe.

Their new website design includes product information for Repeat Signage digital signage software editions, with a comparison chart and a list of features common to all editions.

Repeat Software launches new design website


29 March 2018

Success stories, from some of the Repeat Signage software customers across the world, are now available as online web pages rather than PDFs, and by clicking on the country flags you can see success stories by country.

In daily use in 31 countries, in a variety of applications and vertical markets, Repeat Software's website also includes free links to presentation samples, online help menu and online training videos.

Director, Linda Adams, joined the Department of International Trade (formerly UKT&I) Passport to Export program a few years ago, and has networked with companies in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Istanbul and Germany.

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Repeat Signage at CBBA

Repeat Signage digital signage promotes events at CBBA martial arts school

Latest digital signage story from martial arts academy


1 February 2018

"For the last 5 years I have been looking for a simple to use option for digital signage that would work in our Martial Arts Academy for the parents to watch while classes are running.

Repeat Signage allows me to advertise to clients, connect to rss feeds and create better branding without paying a monthly fee and having to eat up your internet bandwidth.

The staff are great to deal with and respond to your questions fast. Having used it for a month now we have had no issues and have had more students register for events at a faster rate without having to seek them out."    Jason Figliano, Owner and Head Instructor, Canadian Black Belt Academy.

Success story Repeat Signage software

Repeat Signage at CBBA

Repeat Signage brochure features customers presentation designs

Digital signage brochure showcases clients presentations


23 October 2017

We've updated our Repeat Signage brochure (PDF) and included images from some our many clients across the world to showcase how this digital signage software is used daily in various markets. You can go from a blank screen to an attractive digital signage presentation. Here's how:

Download Repeat Signage onto a Windows PC

Select 'Create a Presentation and start with a blank page or a template. Insert your logo, pictures, text, date, time, RSS feed, documents, video or other media to create your presentation and save it.

Connect the computer to a display screen to play your presentations. You can create different presentations and create a playlist to display these at various times of the day or week.

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