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There are many digital signage software products on the market but we found that most required the use of restrictive templates.  These templates were either non-widescreen or widescreen and then stretched videos and pictures depending on the screen they were being displayed on.  Repeat Signage is different.  You design the presentation for the resolution of your screen.  For example, you may want to display information in a reception area on a plasma screen which has 1365x768 pixels.  Repeat Signage allows you to design on this screen in full screen mode allowing you to place pictures, videos, PDF files, website pages, etc, exactly where you want them, pixel for pixel.  Having said that, Repeat Signage will automatically scale presentations to your screens as well.


Standard Edition

This edition is designed to be used in organisations such as schools, retails outlets and businesses, where you would like to be able to update playing content from either your local network or the Internet.  When Repeat Signage Standard plays a presentation (or a play list of presentations), from either a network drive or website, and it will monitor that presentation and load a new version automatically when it detects that it has been changed.  You can create a free account to help you update files over the Internet, which has now been fully integrated into Repeat Signage.
Within a presentation, you can schedule each control separately on either an hourly, daily or weekly basis, which allows you to display different content at different times from your presentation.


This version includes a scheduler for controlling when presentations are played and is designed for larger organisations that need to update schedules and presentations remotely. Presentations, play lists and content files (such as pictures, videos, etc) can be downloaded from either a free account or an organisation's website.

For example, a large retail change of confectioners may have shops all over the country, or even internationally.  At head office, new play lists and presentations may be created daily with daily (or timed) special offers on.  These are uploaded to the company's website (in a hidden folder).  Each player computer attached to a plasma screen (or LCD monitor or projector) reads it's play list from this website and then downloads play lists, presentations and content files (such as pictures, videos, etc) and plays them. As long as the player computers in the individual shops are connected to the Internet, then this process happens automatically.  All the managers in the shops have to do is to turn on the player computer.

You can schedule presentations on either a continuous, looping, hourly, daily, weekly, or on a dates basis.
The Standard edition can be used with a free account to facilitate the remote updating of presentations, play lists and content files. is a free service to customers and evaluators of Repeat Signage which allows the creation of RSS feeds and well as allowing the hosting of Repeat Signage presentations and files centrally.  Please visit for more information.

There is also access to the Webcam and PowerPoint presentation scheduler, Text block, Video and Webcam controls.  There are 10 Flash clock designs and 2 Flash RSS designs.

Touch screen presentation support is also included


Repeat Signage Standard opens and plays .rsl (for the Standalone edition), .rst (Repeat Signage Touchscreen) and .rsp (Repeat Signage Presentation) files.


See Repeat Signage Common features for general information on how our system works.



Success stories


Repeat Signaage Standard is our most popular product.  Here are a few of our success stories





Repeaat Signage Standard  is in use a diverse range  of businesses.  It is in used in factory production environments, airports, power stations, publishers, shops and restaurants around the world.

Schools, colleges and universities

Initially targetted at the UK school market, Repeat Signage is now in use in schools, colleges and universities in the UK, US and Australia.



Repeat Signage is in use in several UK NHS hospitals.   Our Media Wall edition is especially popular in IT control rooms as information can be displayed across 4 screens using 1 computer.



More success stories




Features Standard
Price in US dollars $310
Price in British pounds £245 +VAT
Price in euros €290 +VAT
Price in Australian dollars $395
Price in Canadian dollars $405
Price in New Zealand dollars $425
Animated gif control Yes
Audio control Yes
Barcode/QR code control Yes
Clock (text based) or date control Yes
Controller control Yes
Datagrid control No
Flash banner control Yes
- Remote updatable at Yes
Flash clock control Yes
Flash control Yes
Flash RSS control Yes
Flash video control Yes
PDF control Yes
Picture control Yes
PowerPoint presentation scheduler control Yes
RTF document control Yes
Shape control Yes
Spreadsheet control Yes
Streaming media control No
Text label control Yes
Text block control Yes
Video control (replaced by Flash Video control) Yes
Web browser (and web widgets) control Yes
Webcam control Yes
Playlists and scheduling  
Play list support within presentations Yes
Hourly, daily, weekly scheduling within presentations Yes
PowerPoint display scheduling Yes
Presentation scheduling on hourly, daily, weekly and dates Yes
Screen support for creating media walls  
Number of screens supported 1
Touch screen support  
Touchscreen presentations support Yes
Repeat Icons  
1700+ Repeat Icons for you to enhance your presentations with Yes
Database connectivity  
Displaying database information No
Data Connection Manager (View databases, RSS feeds, CSV files and  XML files) Yes
Remote updating and monitoring
Play your own RSS feeds hosted on a free account Yes
Play presentations hosted on a free account or another website Yes
Play play list schedules hosted on a free account or another website Yes
Play presentations and play lists hosted on an FTP site Yes
Monitor playing presentation and auto load new version when updated Yes
Monitor playing files such as pictures and auto load new version when updated Yes
Allow playing of sound on displaying updated file Yes
Text-to-speech support for visitor/patient call Yes
Remote file distribution support via Yes
Printing from other applications to playing presentations Yes
Content file (pictures, etc) playing locations  
Local and network files Yes
Files on Internet websites (via HTTP) Yes
Files on FTP sites Yes
Standard features for all versions  
Template wizard Yes
Play presentation automatically at Windows startup Yes
ZIP file support for content files Yes
What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get-Designing Yes
Pixel-by-pixel control over displays Yes
Automatic scaling of playing presentations Yes
Player kept on top of other applications Yes
Alt+Tab keys disabled when playing Yes
Free RSS feed creation and hosting at Yes
Landscape and portrait presentations Yes
Unicode support to display Chinese/Japanese/Greek, etc Yes
Free utilities (which are also available in the trial version)  
Repeat FTP manager and FTP client Yes
RSS Feed Manager to create and publish RSS feeds Yes
Batch image resizer Yes
Data Connection Manager (View databases, RSS feeds, CSV files and  XML files) Yes
Text to speech WAV file creator Yes
Operating systems  
Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) Yes
Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Yes
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Yes
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) Yes
Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) Yes
Windows 10 Yes


Note - UK VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged to EC customers.  Purchasers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who purchase via will not be charged tax.





Trial version

The updating of content files (videos, pictures, etc) is also difficult in other digital signage applications. Repeat Signage allows you to collect content from Internet websites and network drives. This means that if you have offices in London and want to change the content being displayed on screen in Edinburgh, New York and Paris, you can upload new presentations, files and play lists to a website and the remote players (when connected to the Internet) can download and display the new information. 


Repeat Signage allows the use of up to 4 monitors on one computer.  Many new graphics cards in computers have connections for two monitors.  Repeat Signage allows you to display information across multiple screens, or play different presentations on each screen. if you would be interested in helping us with this in exchange for some free licences of the finished product.


Download the trial version here



Customising Repeat Signage to your requirements

Repeat Software is happy to customise our software to fit customer requirements (within reason) and to work with resellers to bring Repeat Signage to new markets.  Please contact us and we are happy to discuss mutually beneficial projects and partnerships. For example, we are currently working with a reseller in Sweden to allow Repeat Signage to display a datagrid showing events on screen which will be collected from an XML endpoint.