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Repeat Signage Media Wall V4

Repeat Signage V4 Content Edition


Repeat Signage V4 Standard edition is extremely flexible digital signage software with dozens of advanced features.  However, if your digital signage screen is displayed to the public to promote your products and services, such as in a shop window, your corporate image may be of paramount importance.  That's were our Content Edtion comes in.  A professional design company will liaise with you to set up a professional presentation branded  to your organisation and based on your requirements.  They will then also create 5 professionally designed templates (adverts/notices which can be updated yourself later) which you can display within your presentation.  


Here's an example, which you can click to play:



The above presentation is made up of live elements such as a scrolling ticker tape type news feed, flip clock and date, which are on a custom designed background.  The main area in the middle is showing notices, which could just as easily be adverts.  There are only two notices in this example.  What the Content Edition includes is the presentation design plus 5 notices/advert templates.   The presentation and the templates are editable, so can be easily changed by someone within your organisation.


So what's included?


1 x Repeat Signage V4 Standard edition licence for 1 player PC


1 x professional designed custom presentation layout for your organisation designed to your requirements


5 x customer branded template adverts/notices


You  will also need a screen and a Windows based PC or media player to install Repeat Signage on.


Pricing: $555 / £445 / €525 (ex. VAT)


The Content Edition can be purchased directly from our Buy page.



Professional graphic design


We have teamed up with Joe Mule Creative to provide the professional design service included in our Repeat Signage Content Edition.




What if we have multiple screens showing the same content?


If you have multiple digital signage players and screens, you could just go for one of the content edition and then just purchase 4 additional Repeat Signage Standard edition licences.  If you need new content at a later date, then contact Joe Mule Creative directly for a quote on additional design services.



Some other examples