Repeat Signage V4 for UK Estate Agents

RightMove is the main property sales website in the UK and estate agency management software normally exports in the RightMove BLM format. 

We have now added support for ExpertAgent feeds as well.

The Repeat Signage for UK Estate Agents version has all the features of the Repeat Signage Standard edition with an extra RightMove feed player control.  In Repeat Signage V4, we added our Custom Template system, which allows the complete customisation of the way a property record is displayed.  For example:

which allows the playing of RightMove feed files, which are lists of properties for sale along with details and picture files.  All the new improvements to our Flash Banner control have also been added to the RightMove feed player control.

Price: £345+VAT  per player licence.  Designer is free of charge.

Please visit our Buy page to purchase online.

Repeat Signage Success Story - Hunters Estate Agents

Hunters Estate Agency Group

Hunters are the UK's fastest growing, independent estate agency and letting chain.  They have a franchise network of over 100 branches throughout the UK.  Repeat Signage has started being rolled out into branches in October 2013.

Kevin Hollinrake, Managing Director and Co-founder of Hunters the Estate Agent says this about Repeat Signage:

“We are forever looking for the next best thing to attract customers to our branches, this versatile software does just that. I am happy to endorse its introduction to our network”

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Using with your Estate Agent Management Software

If your estate agent managment software allows export in Rightmove BLM format, you will be able to display the properties with Repeat Signage by pointing Repeat Signage at this file.   We have set up a system to read only feeds for ExpertAgent.   If you are using different cloud based software and they allow feeds to collect property information for use in mobile phone and desktop apps, etc, then we can quite easily add support to read your feeds as well.  There are no additional charges for setting up our software to work with new systems. 
Supported feeds
ExpertAgent feeds from your account on their websiste
Rightmove BLM files
Vizziapps feeds

Getting a trial version of the UK Estate Agent edition

Download the Repeat Signage setup program from our downloads page.  After Repeat Signage has been installed, then open Repeat Signage and use the 'Select trial version' dropdown list to choose 'UK ESTATE AGENTS EDITION TRIAL':  

Hunters Estate Agency Group
Then take a look at the following YouTube video which gives a quick overview of setting up and using with a Rightmove BLM file containing property information to display:

Publishers and resellers of Estage Agent Managment Software

If you would like to partner with Repeat Software  to offer digital signage software to your existing customers, then please get in touch. 
Repeat Signage V4 for US Realtors - We would love to work with a realtor (or an IT reseller working in this sector) in the US to produce a similar version that plays property feeds from US property websites.  Please email us at if you would be interested in helping us with this in exchange for some free licences of the finished product.