Becoming a reseller


You can become a Repeat Signage reseller if your business is in one of the following sectors:


- IT hardware or software sales

- IT consultancy

- Website design

- General design


Even with the simplicity of Repeat Signage digital signage software, designing effective presentations is an art and not every customer has design skills or the time to produce them.  You can generate extra revenue by designing presentations for clients, supplying and/or installing hardware, and also giving training on the updating of presentations once created.  You can also create your own digital signage packages with digital signage players (mini-PC's with Repeat Signage installed) and also supply display hardware such as large format LCD monitors. 


Touch screen support has been added to Repeat Signage so there is also the opportunity of setting up information kiosks or touch screen information points.  Rental of complete solutions and maintenance contracts could also be considered on a short and long term basis.  Don't forget many companies are putting screens in busy areas like garden centres and generating an income by selling advertising to businesses.


Adding a new digital signage arm to your business is an excellent reason to contact existing customers that may be interested.  We all know that it is easiest to sell to existing customers, which whom you have an existing relationship, than getting new ones.


2016 reseller scheme PDF file


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Becoming a distributor for Repeat Signage digital signage software


We are currently looking for worldwide distribution partners.  Please email us at at for more information.  Please include details on your company and links to your website.





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