In order to get you started with Repeat Signage as quickly as possible, the following online training videos are available free of charge.  Please download and install the evaluation of Repeat Signage digital signage software onto your computer first from the Downloads page first. 



Videos are also available on our Repeat Signage YouTube channel.


Repeat Signage videos
Getting started
  Creating, editing and playing presentations with Repeat Signage     01:53
  Starting a presentation when Windows starts     03:06
  Repeat Signage editions      
  The difference between the Standard and Standalone editions     01:46
  Repeat Signage Professional for creating multiple screen media and video walls     04:47
  IMPORTANT NOTE - The above video was recorded over two 800x600 pixel screens and will open in a window which is 1600 pixels wide to demonstrate dual screen usage.  You may need to change your browser's display percent from 100% to 75% to view this video.      
  UK Estate Agent edition     04:52
  Activating and deactivating Repeat Signage using your serial number     04:32
  Clocks in Repeat Signage     04:40
  Controls - Creating play lists     03:21
  Controls - Monitoring files for changes and updating the screen dynamically     03:06
  Controls - Scheduling individual controls     06:10
  Designer screen - Basic use of the presentation designer screen     04:40
  Keeping a picture's shape when resizing a Picture control     00:52
  Manually cropping pictures     01:37
  Main screen tabs in Repeat Signage     01:37
  Moving, resizing and deleting controls in the Repeat Signage Designer     01:33
  Repeat Pictures     02:54
  Selecting a colour from a picture to use in Repeat Signage     02:10
  Setting a presentation background colour or pictures     01:20
  Shaping controls in Repeat Signage     02:05
  System settings in Repeat Signage     13:14
  Using Microsoft Word documents in Repeat Signage     05:39
  Z ordering controls (stack order of controls) in the Repeat Signage Designer     02:27
  Controls in the Repeat Signage designer screen      
  Animated gif control     04:22
  Clock control - Text based     03:01
  Flash clock control     02:29
  Flash control     01:00
  Flash banner control     03:03
  Flash banner Fader01 control     01:53
  Flash RSS control     04:33
  Flash Video control     02:45
  PDF/Document control     03:53
  Picture control     07:49
  Powerpoint scheduler control     05:47
  RTF  file control     02:54
  Shape control     02:54
  Text Block control     04:36
  Text Label control     07:53
  Video control     03:02
  Webcam control     02:41
  Webbrowser control     02:41
  Controller control     02:41
  Play lists of presentations      
  Standard play lists of presentations     04:47
  Hourly play lists of presentations     02:08
  Daily, weekly and dates play lists of presentations     02:47
  Setting a play list to start when Windows starts     03:36
  Remote updating with a free account      
  Creating a free account within Repeat Signage     01:44
  Creating an RSS feed at and displaying in Repeat Signage     09:10
  Creating a text block at and displaying in Repeat Signage     06:39
  Creating a text label at and displaying in Repeat Signage     04:42
  Uploading pictures to and displaying in Repeat Signage     04:13
  Using Repeat Flash Banner RSS feeds and remotely updating Repeat Signage     08:42
  Text Manager - Using with Text Labels     02:47
  Online signup and using the default RSS feed on your website and in Repeat Signage     11:42
  Adding users to a account and set access levels on editing RSS feeds     05:27
  Downloading sample images from     02:54
  FTP Manager and using FTP sites in Repeat Signage     04:16
  RSS Feed Manager - Create an RSS feed on a network drive and display in Repeat Signage     05:04
  Text Manager - Using with files on network drives     05:07
  Text Manager - Using with Text Labels     02:47
  Free tools      
  Repeat Batch Image Resizer     02:39
  Text to speech - Creating a WAV file     01:06