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Free online training videos to help you get the most from Repeat Signage

Getting started

To start using Repeat Signage digital signage software as quickly as possible, the following online training videos are available free of charge. Please download and install the evaluation of Repeat Signage digital signage software onto your computer first from the Downloads page.

Videos are also available on our Repeat Signage YouTube channel.

We also offer a walk-through Online help menu, which is also accessible through the F1 key within Repeat Signage.

Repeat Signage Videos

There are videos (varying lengths from 01:06 min/secs) for getting started, Repeat Signage controls (picture control, text block control, etc), creating playlists, remote updating from a free account, utilities, free tools, general videos and two tutorials to show you how to create digital signage presentations for schools and businesses.

Once you insert an image, text, etc., into the designer screen you can resize, move around the screen (drag and drop) to design your presentations. Then double click each control for options, for example, double click your picture (picture control) and you can add optional text to the picture, fade, transparency, shape, rotate, etc.  There are videos below for each of the controls in Repeat Signage. We are currently updating the older training videos which link to YouTube.

Tutorial: Digital signage for schools

Create a digital signage presentation for your school - tutorial (20:22 mins/secs)

Tutorial: Digital signage for business

Create a digital signage presentation for your business - tutorial (14:58 mins/secs)

Repeat Signage sample presentations

For video recordings of Repeat Signage sample presentations please click here

"From a technical perspective, DockCom Technology Services, as an integration and signage installation specialist, find Repeat Signage software an excellent choice of reliable software with an extensive feature range, suitable for many applications. Most importantly, we find that clients like the software and find it easy to use." Mark Stytsenko, Technical Director, DockCom Technology Services, Melbourne, Australia.
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