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Grab attention with dynamic and engaging content

Easy to use. Powerful for Professionals.

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Trusted by clients in 31 countries across education, healthcare and business

Digital signage for hospitals and healthcare

Repeat Signage digital signage software. Free trial.  Free training.  Free support. 

Why Repeat Signage software? Quick and easy to use with a powerful Windows platform.

Simply insert your logo, text, images, video, RSS feed, spreadsheet, QR code, date and time and other digital media. Then resize and move around the screen (drag and drop) to create dynamic presentations. 

Connect to any display screen to play your presentations. You can schedule presentations to play at different times of the day or week.

Edit your content from your local network drive, your website or remotely over the Internet. Display screens automatically update, anywhere in the world. Or use the software off-line where the network isn't an option.

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Repeat Signage testimonial
Due to Repeat Signage’s easy user interface, staff required very little training and found that their current Microsoft Office skills were transferable to Repeat Signage. Simple software setup meant we were able to do everything in-house, saving us hundreds if not thousands of pounds compared to paying for an outside company to provide content for our screens.

Easily create engaging digital signage presentations

  • Create Content

    Download the software onto your Windows device. Insert your images, text, video, real-time and date, RSS feeds, documents and more to create digital signage presentations.

  • Connect and Play

    Connect your Windows computer (media player, Slot-in PC or USB computer stick) to  play your presentations on any display screen or video wall.

  • Screen Scheduling

    Schedule your digital signage presentations to display on screens at different times of the day or week. Update content and the screens update automatically.

  • Manage Content

    Easily update your content from your local network drive, from your website or remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Standalone option available.

Repeat Signage testimonial
One of the features that helped us decide to go with Repeat Signage was the ability to run SQL queries against our ERP database. It is a great way to display up to date company metrics without any user intervention. Before Repeat Signage, we would only share this information at our quarterly meetings, but now employees can get a better understanding in real time as to how the company has been performing against our goals."

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If you would like more information or to purchase Repeat Signage software products, please call us on: 44 (0)1246 435821 or email info@repeatsoftware.com

Or you can leave us a message and we will get back to you.  Thank you.
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