Easy to use digital signage software for Windows computers.  Turn a PC into a digital notice board or an advertising screen.

Repeat Signage digital signage software helps you get your message across and promote your products or service.  It is easy to use and you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes.  You just need a Windows based PC, a large display screen and Repeat Signage.  Features include touch screen support, remote updating and scheduling of presentations, and it supports Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista and XP.

Why Repeat Signage?  The Repeat Software team will give you an outstanding level of support. We give you free training videos, sample presentations and we have satisfied customers across the globe.

Our products:

  • Repeat Signage 2015 digtial signage software
    Standalone edition $199 / £145 / €195 (ex. VAT) Standalone system
    Basic features
    Standard edition $359 / £245 / €330 (ex. VAT) Remote updatable system
    All features
     90% of customers choose the Standard edition
    Professional edition   $519 / £345 / €465 (ex. VAT) 4 monitor support for creating media and video walls
  • RepeatServer.com - Free RSS feed creation and hosting
    This free and secure service allows you to create a news feed for your organisation and the news can then be scrolled along the bottom of your digital signage screens.  Your news can be remotely updated from anywhere in the world.  Change the news online and it changes on your screens in seconds.  RepeatServer.com also facilitates the remote updating of Repeat Signage including text and pictures displayed on your screens. 
  • Repeat Signage 2015 industry specific and regional versions:

    Repeat Signage 2015 for UK Estate Agents


Also visit our Repeat Signage YouTube Channel for over 50 training videos.

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Latest News
2 July 2015
Queensmead Primary Academy

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1 July 2015
Repeat Signage V3.4.13

New Spreadsheet control in all editions

18 June 2015
Harrisburg International Airport, United States

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13 May 2015
Repeat Signage V3.4.5

Repeat Icons now available in Windows XP

Repeat Signage 2015 releases
26 April 2015
Repeat Signage 2015

Repeat Signage 2015 has been released.  Free upgrade. Click here for new features

19 February 2015
Repeat Signage at ISE

Repeat Signage powers Unicol stand at ISE in Amsterdam