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Create 2-4 screen digital signage video or media walls with easy to use, professional Repeat Signage Media Wall software

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Repeat Signage Media Wall edition

Repeat Signage Media Wall software

Repeat Signage Media Wall digital signage software displays same or different content on 3 screens at YOWI Deli, Singapore, to attract more customers to their store

Repeat Signage Media Wall editionRepeat Signage

Repeat Signage Media Wall digital signage software is designed to be used on Windows based PC's that have 2, 3 or 4 screens attached. This allows you to create a low cost media wall solution for displaying your digital signage presentations.

Repeat Software has tested Repeat Signage with 4 screens internally, but allows up to 8 screens to be connected to a single PC. One US hospital is using Repeat Signage Media Wall software to display information across 6 screens.

This edition is ideal for 4-screen horizontal digital menu boards above restaurant counters; 2x2 portrait video walls for displaying life-size museum exhibits or retail fashion shows, or 4-screens of various sizes in a matrix arrangements. See Setting up a Media Wall.

Media Wall Edition software
Repeat Signage at Quayside Shopping Centre, Sligo

Repeat Signage Media Wall edition has all the features of the Corporate edition and is designed to be used on a Windows PC that has 2 or more screens attached.  Software comparison chart.

Presentations then can span multiple screens to allow you to easily create media or video walls. Screens can be in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode, or a combination of the two. Ideal for creating landscape digital menu boards above food counters; portrait media walls for displaying fashion shows and life size museum characters; or multi-screen information boards for financial organizations. Media Wall set-up

Outstanding support
Repeat Signage at AZRB, Kuala Lumpur

We give you excellent support. Our clients can create a free account, fully integrated within Repeat Signage software, that allows the creation and hosting of RSS feeds and to update your files over the Internet, free of charge.

Why Repeat Signage?

The Repeat Software team will give you an outstanding level of support with online training videos, help menu, sample presentations, 4000+ icons to enhance your presentations and email technical support, all free of charge. We have satisfied customers in over 30 countries.

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Cost effective video wall software
Repeat Signage at London's Velo Restaurants

The Repeat Signage Media Wall licence price is a one-time payment for each Windows PC attached to 2, 3 or 4-screen video wall. This is more cost-effective than purchasing 4 Standard licences, and you can display different presentations on your video wall, or the same content across all screens. Remote updating of presentations over the Internet is free of charge.

Price in US dollars $555
Price in British pounds £445+VAT
Price in Euros €525+VAT
Price in Australian dollars $720
Price in Canadian dollars $730
Price in New Zealand dollars $770

Repeat Signage Media Wall edition is used in several UK NHS hospitals in their IT control rooms for displaying monitoring information on sites. It is also in use in several power stations where database information is displayed around 4 screens.

Don't just take our word for it

The team at Velo Restaurants, London, has used Repeat Signage Media Wall since 2011 to display their menus and timely and seasonal offers to their customers on a Panasonic 4-screen video wall. They upgraded to V4 to take advantage of the exciting new features. "Repeat Signage V4 Media Wall worked well, especially with Windows 10, without any glitches".
Repeat Signage Media Wall software

Repeat Signage Media Wall at a large US hospital since 2013, featuring a donor wall

Displaying a donor wall

Repeat Software worked with a US based digital artwork installation company to set up a 'donor wall' in a large US hospital. This was a 6 screen installation to display thank you messages to people and organizations that had donated money to the hospital.

Beautiful background images spanned all 6 screens, and then changed some or all of the screens simultaneously every 15 seconds. Along with background images, Microsoft Word documents with the names of people who had donated, and also images of patients, doctors and donors are displayed on individual screens." Case study.

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