Repeat Signage displays Singapore menus

Repeat Signage at Singapore's Yowi Deli

Repeat Signage software displaying menus on landscape and portrait display screens at YOWI Deli

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"YOWI Deli is a quick service food outlet located in a food court in Singapore. Being a new set up, I anticipated that the menu would keep evolving as I worked out what my customers liked and decided to bite the bullet and purchase a digital signage system.

Having used Repeat Signage for six months now, I now feel that it is worth its weight in gold!" Jason Thai, YOWI Deli, Singapore


"Using Repeat Signage in a food and drink environment has given me flexibility in my operations and allows me to change my menus and promotions almost instantly without undue costs. (Installing a HDMI splitter has helped to stretch my investment further by allowing content to be repeated on more than one screen.)

Using a combination of MS Publisher to lay out my menu and Repeat Signage's rich features, I am able to produce eye catching menus and advertisements which help drive traffic to my outlet".

I am also able to automatically switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus using the built-in playlist feature so I don't have to worry about manually switching them on time.

I was able to save even more money by using a PC motherboard with 3 video outlets. Repeat Signage does not have high computing overheads so I use 2 screens for Repeat Signage screens and 1 for my admin work all on the same PC! I am able to run Repeat Signage, a F&B costing program, a labeling program, MS Outlook, MS Publisher and MS Excel simultaneously without any performance issues.

Repeat Signage has been a real help in saving me time and money while helping to attract more customers to my store. Thanks Repeat Software!" Jason Thai, YOWI Deli, Singapore.

"Repeat Signage worth its weight in gold"

Repeat Signage Standard edition digital signage software helps you get your message across and promote your products or services. You can insert your logo, playlist of pictures, pictures with captions, RSS news feeds, special offer messages, documents such as spreadsheets, videos and other media. Includes scheduling, local and remote updating of content over the Internet (even from your own website). Repeat Signage licence is for each Windows PC playing presentations onto a display screen. The Repeat Signage Media Wall edition lets you connect 1 PC to 2, 3 or 4 display screens. No on-going costs. Compare Repeat Signage products

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