Digital Signage Software for Care Homes

Our loved ones deserve the best in a care home.  Repeat Signage enhances residential care.

Repeat Digital Signage for care homes

Repeat Signage software lets you easily update your content to keep residents, staff and visitors updated on important events

Welcome your visitors

Care homes and nursing homes can benefit from digital signage display screens. Showcase your care services and welcome visitors on a reception area screen; help residents choose meals with picture menus in the dining area, and reduce staff hand-over time by displaying important information on a display screen in the nurses station.

A playlist of photos of residents participating in activities, birthday celebrations or memorabilia can be displayed to entertain residents, or a video of gentle exercises.

Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4)

Picture menus tempt tastebuds

Playlists of menu pictures, designed to tempt tastebuds, can be scheduled in Repeat Signage software, to automatically display at various times of the day or week, making it easier for residents to choose meals, rather than carers having to read out a list of menu items to residents.

You can advertise complementary local services on your display screens using Repeat Signage's advert templates, and generate income.

Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4)

Repeat Digital Signage for care homes and nursing homes

Repeat Signage software ideal for display screens in care homes and nursing homes. Speed of transitions can be slowed down to suit. Trial download, no need to leave your details

Repeat Signage software for care homes

Open up a text file on your network, change the messages, save and the software updates automatically

Easily change reminders

Changeable messages can be created in simple .txt files, accessible on the network or over the Internet. When staff want to update TodaysReminders.txt StaffMessages.txt or HandOverNotes.txt they simply open the relevant .txt file and change the information, save, and the display screens automatically update.

Spreadsheet information can be edited and displayed using the in-built spreadsheet for nurses stations, back office or head office administration offices, with manual, local network or remote updating of content.

How can we help you?

More efficient care staff hand-overs

Staff handovers are important. However, staff ending a long, busy shift may be tired and just want to get home, and therefore important information could be missed, that needs communicating to the next shift. Effective communication makes for happy staff and shorter hand-over times.

Messages can quickly and easily be added into a .txt file with automatic updates on display screens, so all staff are aware of important issues. Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4)

    Repeat Signage lets you quickly and easily change notes and messages. Download a free trial.

Digital signage promotes hospital services

Displays playing digital signage presentations can be situated in the reception area to advertise the care home's services and specialities, giving relatives of potential new residents a flavour of the home.
Repeat Signage software presentations can be updated from one central location, remotely over the Internet, ideal where there are several homes in the group.
Digital signage for elderly relatives at home

Repeat Signage is easy to use software, you can create a presentation and have it playing in minutes

When an elderly relative at home was becoming increasingly forgetful with the onset of dementia, we created a Repeat Signage presentation with photos of family memories, and a list of what was happening that day. Many a happy hour can be spent looking at memorable images and family photos, which can be slowed down to allow time to give them chance to process.

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, it is easy to add or amend a message remotely over the Internet, which automatically updates the laptop display screen or a TV screen, when connected to the Internet. Please click to view recorded demo (MP4). Speed of playing presentation can be slowed down.

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