Digital Signage Software for Retail

Guide shoppers, promote brands and increase sales

Repeat Signage software for retail

Repeat Signage software helps you promote your shops, facilities, events and brands on display screens or video walls, to guide shoppers and increase sales. Free trial download.

Promote your store and increase sales

When shoppers first visit your store or shopping mall they may not be aware of all your brands and services. 

As someone who likes travelling and shopping, when I walk into stores or shopping malls for the first time, I look for a way-finding display screen or someone to ask where the restaurant is, or if a specific shop or brand I'm looking for is in the mall.

Digital signage display screens can help guide shoppers, advertise brands and increase sales. 

Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4) Demo displays each presentation for 15 seconds

Encourage shoppers to come back with events and offers

Shopping centers are often part of the local community, providing a place for people to meet, enjoy coffee or a meal and be entertained with local events, such as the Christmas lights switch on, Halloween trick and treat displays, childrens' story time, etc. 

Locals and visitors at shopping malls have been entertained by DJ's, dancing Disney characters, giant robots and various fun events for all to enjoy.

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Repeat Signage for shopping malls and retail stores

Schedule different presentations to display on screen at various times of the day or week

Promote your brands and increase your sales

Repeat Signage digital signage software, is ideal for individual shops and shopping malls.  You can schedule different presentations to be displayed at various times of the day or week. You can include brand advertisements and generate an income, or promote special offers to increase your sales.

Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4)

The recorded sample presentation features a playlist of three presentations, each displaying for a specified number of hours, minutes or seconds. 


Repeat Signage software helps promote your shopping mall events

Try Repeat Signage software with a free trial download - no need to leave your details

Repeat Signage software for high street shops

Repeat Signage software is easy to use to promote your products or services without using outside agencies and no on-going costs.  Try Repeat Signage for yourself - download, no need to leave details.

Individual high street shops

A display screen, promoting your services, can be a great help to individual shopkeepers.  You can create presentations including dynamic images, video, RSS newsfeeds (or scrolling text), showcasing your shop and goods to best advantage, to increase sales.

Where shops are in different locations, you can create your presentations on your office PC, updating the screens remotely over the Internet. Content can be updated from your smart phone or tablet over the Internet, even whilst you're on vacation.  Can we help you?

Please click to view a recording of the demo (MP4)

Restaurant signage tempts diners tastebuds

"The Repeat Signage software was easy to use and operate. We were able to create a presentation in minutes that looked very high quality and professional. Support has been excellent and I have never been disappointed. Quick response times along with personal service, rates this company very high in my personal satisfaction. I have, and will continue to recommend this company to others.
Repeat Signage software for high street retail

Repeat Signage software promotes your brand and services on display screens - download a free trial  

Repeat Signage digital signage software, is ideal for retail, whether for individual high street stores, shopping malls or retail in airport lounges.   You can schedule different presentations to be displayed on display screens at various times of the day or week, to promote special offers to increase your sales. 

Repeat Signage Standard is ideal for small shops to promote their products and increase sales. You can even generate an income by advertising your brands.

Repeat Signage Media Wall allows you to connect 2, 3 or 4 display screens to a Windows PC, to show different content on each screen or one image across 4 screens, ideal for a 4-screen video wall. 

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