Creating digital notice boards for school events

Repeat Signage at Queensmead Academy

Repeat Signage presentation: Clocks.rsp - this is used as a screen save for out of hours

Repeat Signage is easy to use digital signage software for Windows. Licence fee is per PC playing presentations. Queensmead use Repeat Signage Standard edition, updating content via local network or remotely over the Internet with no on-going costs.  See Repeat Signage features.

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Queensmead Primary Academy use Repeat Signage to create digital notice boards around their school

Queensmead Primary Academy opened its doors in November 2012 as the first primary academy in Leicester City sponsored by the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust - a partnership of 24 academies across the East Midlands and Lincolnshire Coast. The Academy serves a long-standing local community in the Braunstone area of Leicester for the benefit of its 460 pupils and for the future of Queensmead.

"We use Repeat Signage to create a digital notice board and displays. The same play list of presentations is transmitted to 4 different TV’s around the school. We run a 1 week scheduled play list.

Presentations included in the scheduled play list: Clocks.rsp School1.rsp School2.rsp Pupil-work.rsp Week1-Monday.rsp Week1-Tuesday.rsp Week1-Wednesday.rsp Week1-Thursday.rsp Week1-Friday.rsp"


Repeat Signage at Queensmead Academy

School1.rsp This presentation is used as the main notice board.

Banner01 Pictures: A collection of photos from recent events is stored in folders and screened in a play list. Banner01 Logos: A collection of various Award Logos attained by the school stored in a folder. RSS SCROLLER02 News A scrolling news ‘flash’ (RSS Feed) space pulled in from XML Notepad.

Repeat Signage at Queensmead Academy

Week1-Monday.rsp: This presentation is scheduled to display at 11.30am to show today’s school dinner selection. One of the TV’s is in the Hall which the children have to pass on their way to the kitchen counter.

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Repeat Signage at Queensmead Academy

RSS Scroller 01 allows you to display an RSS feed in ticker-tape style, running across the width of the screen. RSS Scroller 02 displays a heading and a line of news in a vertical format.

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