Repeat Signage V4 Media Wall Edition


Repeat Signage Media Wall edition (formally the Professional edition) is designed to be used on Windows based PC's that have 2 or more screens attached.  Presentations can then span multiple screens to allow you to easily create media or video walls.   Screens can be in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) mode, or a combination of the two.


Velo Restaurants in London 4 system menu system


This allows you to get the most out of your hardware and create a low cost media wall solution.  The Media Wall edition has all the features of our Standard edition including remote updating and play lists.



Number of screens supported


Repeat Software have tested Repeat Signage with 4 screens internally, but allows up to 8 screens to be connected to a single PC. One US hospital is using Repeat Signage to display information across 6 screens:


6 screen donor wall in a US hospital 


Designing presentations that span multiple monitors


With multiple screens connected to a computer, Repeat Signage shows you all of your screens and allows you to choose which screen to design or play your presentations on.  For example, in the 'Create new presentation' screen below, it shows two screens from a dual monitor computer: 



There are tick boxes at the top left corner of each screen and you can see the total number of pixels the presentation will be created for.   This allows you to choose which screen your new presentation will be designed for.  By ticking all screens, then the presentation will span those screens.  You will notice in the picture below that with both screen ticked, then the total presentation size in pixels becomes to 3360x1080:



So with a 2 monitor system, you have three options for creating and playing presentations:


1.  Create/play a presentation on screen 1

2.  Create/play a presentation on screen 2

3.  Create/play a presentation that spans both screens


Playing presentations is similar to creating them, in that you select which screens you want to play on:



You use the Windows Screen Resolution screen in Windows Control Panel (Windows 7, 8, 8.1) which allows you to configure your screens.  You can drag and drop the screens to the same arrangement as your physical screens.  For example, if you have 2 screens, you may have them side by side or one on top of the other.  You may also need to configure a screen to be in portrait (vertical orientation) rather than the normal landscape. 




In the image above, screen 2 has been selected and the orientation set to Portrait.  You will notice that each screen can be configured separately and the Screen 1 in the image above is still landscape.



Hardware and setup


You first need to get your PC setup and configured with multiple screens.  See our Repeat Signage Media Wall Setup page to help you do this.



Success stories


6 screen media wall
6 screen media wall project for a large US hospital
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London restaurant menu system
Velo Restaurants Ltd
London, England
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3 screen menu wall in Singapore
3 menu screens in a retails food sales deli in Singapore
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Repeat Signage Media Wall edition is used in several UK NHS hospitals in their IT control rooms for displaying monitoring information on sites.  It is also in use in several power statations where database information is displayed around 4 screens.



Using different screens in Repeat Signage Media Wall edition


Note - Repeat Signage Professional was the previous name for Repeat Signage Media Wall edition





Repeat Software is a UK based company.  However we offer support from 8am to 10pm GMT Monday to Friday which covers the majority of the business hours in the US.  Support is also available over the weekends.





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