Repeat Signage in Australia

We have a growing number of clients spread across Australia which started with the University Of Canberra purchasing Repeat Signage several years ago.   Since then we have clients from the major cities to small outback towns.   Repeat Signage can be used either completely standalone on any Windows based computer, or updatable via computer networks and the Internet.

Success stories

Resellers in Australia


Dockcom Pty Ltd
DockCom are a large, specialist IT company based in Melbourne.   They have successfully installed Repeat Signage powered digital signage systems at several sites.    They support their clients by building their digital signage presentations, installing digital signage screens, setting up Repeat Signage for remote access and providing a one-stop shop to make digital signage solutions straight forward.



Pricing in Australia dollars

Single full version licences (digital download)
Repeat Signage V4 Standalone Edition
Repeat Signage V4 Standard Edition
Repeat Signage V4 Corporate Edition
Repeat Signage V4 Content Edition
Repeat Signage V4 Media Wall Edition    $720