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Welcome to Repeat Signage V4 online help

This is the online version of the help file that is included with Repeat Signage with up to the minute help information which applies to the latest version of Repeat Signage.


Introduction pages


Repeat Signage V4 overview

Repeat Signage 2010-2015 users


Repeat Signage features

Windows 10 and Repeat Signage

Windows 8/8.1 and Repeat Signage

Windows XP support

Windows Embedded

Repeat Signage editions

Installing Repeat Signage

System requirements




Sample play lists

Sample media files

Running from network drives

Supported file types

Repeat Signage licensing

End-user licence agreement

Activating and deactivating software


Getting started - walk through


These are step-by-step walk throughs.  If you prefer to watch videos, then please see our Online video tutorials and YouTube videos page.


Creating your first presentation

Playing your first presentation

Playing your first presentation when Windows starts


Creating your first play list

Playing your first play list

Playing your first play list when Windows starts


Setting up player computers and linking to


Creating menus (or adverts) and displaying with the Flash Banner control

Designer screen help page

Single, playlist, scrolling and advanced scrolling controls

Touch screen presentations overview

Landscape and portrait

Designing presentations - general advice


Training videos


Online video tutorials

Repeat Signage YouTube channel



Repeat Signage has the following types of controls for use within presentations:


Animated gif control

Audio control


Barcode and QR code control


Clock (text based) or date control


Data grid control          

Flash banner control

Flash clock control

Flash control

Flash RSS control 

Flash video control

PDF/Document control


Picture control

PowerPoint presentation scheduler control

RTF document control

Shape control


Spreadsheet control   


Streaming media control

Text label control   


Text block control 

Video control
Depreciated - Please use the Flash Video control instead

Web browser (and web widgets) control

Webcam control


Touch screen controls


In touch screen presentations, you have access to all the above controls, but also have two additional touch screen specific controls:

Keyboard control

Touch screen surface control


The touch screen surface control is automatically added to a touch screen presentation when it is created.  You can double click this to set it's options but you cannot add a second touch screen surface control or delete the default one.   See Touch screen presentations overview for more information on how touch screen presentations work.




FTP Manager

RSS Feed Manager

Data Connection Manager

Text Manager


Digital signage and help topics


Changing the Repeat Signage loading presentation screen

Configuring MIME types on web servers

Copyright issues

Creating shortcuts and command line parameters

Database support in Repeat Signage

Disable Windows logon screen

Displaying single presentation on multiple screens

Extending the Windows desktop onto multiple monitors

FTP sites

Fonts in Repeat Signage

Getting a Windows screen snapshot

iCal files - Using iCalendar files to schedule control content


Keeping Repeat Signage on top of other programs


Landscape and portrait

Local variables

Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets in Repeat Signage

Microsoft PowerPoint in Repeat Signage

Microsoft Word and Writer documents in Repeat Signage

Multiple monitor support

Picture editing

Programming Repeat Signage

Recommended free and paid for software

Relative paths in Repeat Signage

Remote control software

Repeat Icons

Repeat Signage Manager

RSS feeds

RSS feed list

Scheduling the turning off of a player screen at specific times


Screen burn-in


Shutting down a player computer at a specified time each day

Starting presentations on Windows load  



SVG files


System cache 


Text to speech for messaging and patient/visitor call

Troubleshooting Internet connection problems

Troubleshooting video problems

Twitter RSS feeds in Repeat Signage

Unicode support in Repeat Signage

Using Repeat Signage with

Windows 8 and Repeat Signage

YouTube videos in Repeat Signage


Displaying Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, Indian, Hebrew and other non-latin text


See our Unicode support in Repeat digital signage software page for information on how to use Unicode characters in Repeat Signage.


支持中國寫作    日本語の表記は、サポートされている,     Русская письменность поддерживается
हिंदी लेखन का समर्थन किया
    Ελληνική γραφή που υποστηρίζονται has been set up as a free service to Repeat Signage customers and evaluators.  This allows you a central location to host files and text used in presentations.  It also allows you to create and maintain RSS feeds for use in Repeat Signage and also RSS feeds that you can link to your organisation's website.  New services are being added to all the time so please visit to create a free account and to look at the latest information and services.  There are also 1,100+ free pictures to download to help you design your presentations.


Free tools


On the main Repeat Signage screen there are a number of free tools:


Repeat spreadsheet - Create and edit Excel .xlsx files


Repeat save a website page to a picture file

Repeat Batch Image Resizer

Repeat Batch PDF Splitter


Spreadsheet creator/editor

Text to speech screen


These free tools are available in the evaluation edition, which never expires.


Copyright of Repeat Signage software and help system


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